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How It Works

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Here's how it works
Each member of your fundraising group receives a customized Spinner with your group's name and logo printed on the cover.

Each Spinner is the size of a standard DVD case and contains a spinning arrow which when spun, will land on various donation amounts ranging from $1.00 to $4.00.

Your fundraising members approach friends, family and neighbors asking them to spin the arrow two or more times for their donation amount.

In return for their donation, the donor receives a sheet of coupons worth over $100 from our national corporate sponsors as a "thank you" for their fundraising contribution. Each coupon sheet contains 12 coupons.

Your group member then takes the Spinner and continues asking other people to spin and donate until all the coupons are given out.

Once all coupons have been given to the donors, each Spinner produces an *average of $210 in donations.

NOTE: Each Spinner contains 50 sheets of coupons, 1 for each donor who spins a minimum of 2 times. After the 2 spins, the fundraising member tears off 1 full sheet of coupons on the perforated edge and writes the donor's name and the amounts that were spun on the receipt portion that is left behind in the Spinner. The fundraising member then collects the total due in cash or a check made out to your group. The average donation is about $4. When your fundraiser is completed each member of your group will turn in their collected funds along with their Spinner and receipts. If all the coupons have been given out your Spinners® will produce an *average of $210 in donations.

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Coupons can also be customized for your local area. To customize your coupons click HERE

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*The minimum amount raised is $100 if every spin lands on the $1 space. The maximum amount raised is $400 if every spin lands on the $4 space. The average Spinners® will raise about $210.
Spinners™ is Patent Pending
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