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Nationwide Coupons

Coupons Not In Your Area? No Problem!

You Can Now Customize Your Coupons
With Our Easy Instructions Below:

It's as easy as:       

You may double or tripple up on any of the coupons
on our Nationwide Sheet above.


To add local merchants please follow these 3 easy steps:

Bring the Local Merchant Coupon Agreement to the local
merchant(s) of your choosing. Ask for the owner or manager of the store.

Explain who you are and why you are raising money. Show the merchant the form and product flyer and ask the him/her to help your organization by providing a coupon offer that can be substituted for one of the National Sponsor's coupon. (Since the local merchant is not charged for their participation and receives FREE advertising through your fundraiser, almost anyone you ask will be happy to give you a coupon offer).

Fill out the Local Merchant Coupon Agreement. When you call Spinners® Fundraising to place your order you will be asked to fax the merchant agreement and we will begin printing the coupon(s) for your fundraiser. You should have your Spinners® approximately one week later.

Cost: Only $50 Total (Not $50 per booklet) The cost for our custom coupon package is only $50 regardless of how many Spinners® you order or how many coupon changes you make. This is a one time printing setup charge and will be added to your total.

Example: with 30 booklets (30 booklets x $25 per booklet = $750.00) Custom coupon charge = $50 Total = $800 (this includes shipping and handling)

NOTE: You can combine our nationwide coupons with your own local coupons and you may double or tripple any of our nationwide coupons. The cost for any combination is still only $50.00.

Custom Coupons will be printed in black ink on yellow paper.

Click Here To Print A Local Merchant Agreement Form

Spinners™ is Patent Pending
©2006 ABC Fundraising®/The First Way Fundraising Group